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  5. Good day. are you still an active member?

    Regards Wilhelmina


  6. Hi Brian ,

    How do i understand these four table each field and correlation between them. and how they are affecting the sales order process end to end manner.
    To be frank with , I am using these table making join on it fluently. But still to build logic how these table working and affecting the Whole Process.
    is there any Dropbox based pdf content available on it.
    if possible,Please community it my request to share dropbox based link on it.

    Following table names are :
    SorMaster and each field on it.
    SorDetail and each field on it
    ArTrnDetail and each field on it
    MrpForecaset and each field on it.

    Any help on it would be much appreciated


    We onlyhave backend syspro access. How do I access Data dictionary program called DDSBFI. or  something like which  tell us about flag,field /colum , purpose of table etc . thanks

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