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  1. Hi Brian ,

    How do i understand these four table each field and correlation between them. and how they are affecting the sales order process end to end manner.
    To be frank with , I am using these table making join on it fluently. But still to build logic how these table working and affecting the Whole Process.
    is there any Dropbox based pdf content available on it.
    if possible,Please community it my request to share dropbox based link on it.

    Following table names are :
    SorMaster and each field on it.
    SorDetail and each field on it
    ArTrnDetail and each field on it
    MrpForecaset and each field on it.

    Any help on it would be much appreciated


    We onlyhave backend syspro access. How do I access Data dictionary program called DDSBFI. or  something like which  tell us about flag,field /colum , purpose of table etc . thanks

  2. Brian


    Welcome to the Unofficial Syspro User Group I am the Director of IT for an injection molding company located in California. The company name is NDS and we specialize in water management solutions (drainage, irrigation, etc.). For the past four years, I have been responsible for the administration of one of Syspro's largest installations. We use Microsoft SQL server (as opposed to C-ISAM) on the backend and we currently have a 31GB production database and 21GB archive database. Those database sizes are not even indicative of the total transactions we have entered into the system every since its installation in 1999 because we purged a substantial amount of data before finally coming up with a reliable archiving plan. With the advances made with internet based sharing of information, I wanted to establish this forum as an open area where interested and knowledgeable users can share their experiences and questions. In the past, I had to either rely on Syspro Dealers, Syspro USA's technical support staff or gleen information from the official Syspro website (www.syspro.com) The objective of this forum is to facilitate free communication between all Syspro users, administrators, employees, and resellers. To enable the sharing of information so that we each can make our users or customers' lives a little bit easier by leveraging Syspro to the best of its ability. We must strive to remain as "constructively critical" as we can. We are here to solve problems, not to complain just for the sake of complaining. I encourage every one of you to take the time to post unique solutions you have developed for your Syspro installation. I plan to share many things on this site for everyone's benefit. I hope you will return the favor and teach me some new tricks. Disclaimer: This website is in no way affiliated with Syspro the company. This site is run by Syspro users for Syspro users. Anything you find here is the result of free sharing and we accept no responsibility for the results that implementing some of the things suggested on this site may cause. Please take care to scrutinize anything you find on this site and evaluate the impacts it may have on your server environment. Remember, always make sure you have a good backup before making changes to your system!
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